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As of 1-23-2020: Contract Still Not Awarded! Keep Watching this Space. THANK YOU to current FMS providers for keeping our programs running during this contact uncertainty and during this national health emergency! We would look to see you to remain a choice as FMS providers!

DDA Responses to Questions:

You are unique! Self-direction gives you flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for you so you can live the life you want. YOU choose your services, the staff, and a schedule that works best for YOU. \

You are unique! Self-direction gives you flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for you so you can live the life you want. YOU choose your services, the staff, and a schedule that works best for YOU.

You are unique! Self-direction gives you flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for you so you can live the life you want. YOU choose your services, the staff, and a schedule that works best for YOU.

Live The Life You Want

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Our Mission: To promote and support the use of self-directed services to empower
individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve purposeful and
fulfilling lives.

We accomplish our mission in the following ways:
1. By acknowledging and respecting that each participant is the center of the service plan and
that all participants are capable of self-directing his/her program with varying levels of supports.
2. By recognizing that the participant is the leader of the team, and all other members work to
ensure that his/her interests, desires, and goals are reflected in the service plan so that each
participant is able to develop their potential, experience meaningful interactions in their
communities, and live joyfully.
3. By recognizing and promoting the inclusion and formal involvement of family members, or
other advocates chosen by the participant, in the provision of direct services and other supports
throughout the lifetime of the participant when this involvement reflects the desire of the
participant and is in his/her best interest, as determined by each participant and his/her team.
4. By informing the larger community, including government administrators and elected
officials, about the nature and benefits of true self-direction.
5. By advocating for participants’ right to individualized and genuinely person-centered plans,
including unique and outside-the-box thinking without arbitrary and unnecessary restrictions not
otherwise part of CMS guidelines and regulations.
6. By working cooperatively with Maryland’s DDA, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid
Services, and elected officials to use resources wisely and to maintain and improve services for
Self-Directing participants.
7. By providing a platform where self-directing participants and their families/advocates can
celebrate achievements; arrange formal and informal social gatherings; learn about issues that
affect self-direction options; share resources; exchange information and ideas; and work together
to solve problems.

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My granddaughter Courtney

Courtney now has an individualized program meeting her needs!I am the grandmother of a 23 year old with severe autism.  She has no physical handicaps, requires no medication, but her thought processes are scrambled.  I am an RN and have been working to help...


Bret, who has autism now has great jobs and is taking driving lessons. I will never forget the day I was told my son had autism. My eyes filled with tears as I looked at the doctor’s pictures of her children on her desk.  I envied her so.    All I...

A Life Transformed

Justin…….. he now has his own business and loves participating in his authentic community. After getting suspended from public high school multiple times for aggressive behaviors, the team had a meeting where it was decided that our son would be going to a non-public...


Lucy, age 31 has severe epilepsy and cognitive impairments. Lucy is living her dreams! Lucy Carter has severe epilepsy and significant cognitive impairments. She averages between 2-4 seizures each day and has too many other health issues to enumerate. Just staying...

Success Story

My son, Desmond has made significant progress under the Self Directed Service Waiver. We were able to develop a program tailored specifically to his personality and interests which allowed the inappropriate behaviors to greatly diminish. The SDS Waiver has enable...

My Daughter

My daughter is now learning event planning and setting her goals! I am the mother of a extraordinary and inspirational young woman.  She has a diagnosis that includes an intractable seizure disorder/epilepsy, cerebella atrophy and a mitochondrial disorder. Her...

Andy’s Story

Andy is 28 years old, and has been in Self-Directed Services since 2013.  He now is much healthier and happier! The day program we chose when he exited the school system turned out to be quite a failure.  Many clients who go there are happy and challenged,...

Grant’s Journey

My name is Laura and I am Grant’s mom and employee. I would like to share a little bit of our experience with self-directed services.When Grant finished school at age 21 we were able to interview and observe a number of day programs. The programs were either not a...

Lucy enjoying her program under Self-Directed

Last year Lucy and her mom participated in the a fundraising run last year.  They  invited her back this year and recognized her as an inspirational runner. They even sponsored her entry fees.   The run benefits the St.Martins Home which they operate....

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DDA Waiver & Amendments: Links and Comments

7-1-18 Community Pathways Waiver:  see pages 76 to 226 for Appendix C and pages 244 to 258 for Appendix E. Amendment 1:   1-30-19 Proposed changes to Appendix C Amendment 1:  1-30-19 Proposed changes to Appendix E SDAN’s 3-3-19 Comments on...

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Comments on Waiver Amendment 1 Due by March 1st

Comments on DDA’s Amendment 1 to the Community Pathways, Community Supports, and Family Support Waivers are due by March 3, 2019. SDAN will be providing our official comments on the Amendment and other changes we would like to see to the waiver and post them here by...

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