Lucy, age 31 has severe epilepsy and cognitive impairments. Lucy is living her dreams!
Lucy Carter has severe epilepsy and significant cognitive impairments. She averages between 2-4 seizures each day and has too many other health issues to enumerate. Just staying vertical and reasonably healthy is a challenge for both Lucy and her family. But enough said about that!
SDS has allowed Lucy to develop her talents, make social connections and enjoy her life!! At age 31, she continues to add new skills and interests to her busy schedule. Because she has her own employees and flexible scheduling, Lucy changes her activities according to her needs and desires. Over the last five years she has participated in competitive swimming, wall climbing, taking courses at the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism, and volunteering at two preschools. Lucy currently does horse care five days a week at the Retreat at Beckleysville where she also does therapeutic riding twice a week. She belongs to Brick Bodies in Reisterstown and works out nearly every day at Red Run Fitness in Owings Mills with a former U.S. Marine. Lucy took over the family laundry six months ago because she was dissatisfied with the turnaround time. And with minimal support from her employee she now does most of the family grocery shopping. Through DDA’s SDS program Lucy has a mileage allowance and funding for two employees, who can work an average of 28 hours a week. Her family pays the fees for all of her activities. Although Lucy’s participation in SDS requires tremendous family involvement, we wouldn’t trade it for any other option.

Lucy’s family and physicians credit her many individualized fitness activities with improvements in her health and mental functioning. After a routine visit in April her neurologist wrote to express admiration about her “great” level of functioning and her “remarkable quality of life.