My name is Laura and I am Grant’s mom and employee. I would like to share a little bit of our experience with self-directed services.
When Grant finished school at age 21 we were able to interview and observe a number of day programs. The programs were either not a good fit for Grant or we were turned away because he needed a one on one assistant because of elopement behaviors. There was no place for Grant so our family turned to the self-directed waiver to create our own program or as close to perfect as possible home program for him. It is a lot of work, but has been well worth the rewards. Grant has autism, ankylosing spondylitis, and epilepsy. He has many doctors appointments and it would be difficult to not structure our own program around his needs. I am his back up staff,  over time it has been hard to find staff due to not having insurance plans in place for employees and the special types of individuals that are required for such a job. Grant has wonderful staff who love him and we all work together like family. Grant is able to go into the community and enjoy activities, is able to make a list and go grocery shopping with staff, he makes pizza boxes at a neighborhood restaurant, and he is able to enjoy therapeutic Horse farm jobs. I do not know where Grant would be without this program and the supports that it has provided for our family. I do not believe that anyone would want more for their own children then what the family is willing to give. Please do not take this opportunity away from our children. Thanks for letting me share, Laura