What participants and families can do!


  1. Register here so we can keep you abreast of SDS information.
  2. Submit photos and your SDS story so we can add it to our website.
  3. Sign our petition to Governor Hogan, DDA Director Bernie Simons and CMS acting director Andy Slavitt from SDS participants and families.
  4. Register for DDA’s posted webinars  and complete the survey.
  5. Attend DDA’s SDS input meetings
  6. Contact DHMH Secretary Van T. Mitchell (410-767 6505) and DDA Director Bernie Simons (410 767 5600) to express  your concern for the effect of Amendment 2 on SDS participants. Mailing address for both is 201 W. Preston St. Baltimore, Md. 21201.
  7. Contact Governor Hogan: phone number: 410 974 3901 or http://governor.maryland.gov/contact-the-governors-office/
  8. Contact your state Senator and your delegates .
  9. Contact your Congressperson to express concerns that for self-directing participants DDA is not observing the spirit of CMS guidelines for transparency and stakeholder input
  10. Write to Senator Kasemeyer and Delegate Macintosh and others on this letter.
  11. Write to Join our SDS advocacy Twitter campaign;share our stories, tweet to legislatures and CMS.
  12. Raise awareness about the the threat posed by Amendment 2 to SDS by posting links to our website on your Facebook page.
  13. Share our Facebook page to your Facebook page and ask friends to help support us by liking the page and commenting.
  14. Maryland government contact information.