Mission Statement

The Maryland Self Directed Services Advocacy NetworkParticipants, Families, Friends, and Independent Support Brokers for Self-Directed Services. 

Our Mission

To empower people with developmental disabilities to achieve purposeful and fulfilling lives through Self-Direction Services.

We accomplish our Mission in the following ways:

  1. By assisting and promoting both self-advocacy and facilitated advocacy from family and friends.
  2. By informing the larger community, including government administrators and elected officials, about the nature and benefits of authentic self-direction– and by advocating for participants’ rights to authentic, individualized and genuinely person-centered plans.
  3. By working cooperatively with Maryland’s DDA, the Center for Medicaid Services, and elected officials to use resources wisely as well as to maintain and improve services for Self-Directed participants.
  4. By providing a platform where SDAN members can celebrate achievements, arrange formal and informal social gatherings, learn about issues that affect Self-Directed participants, share resources, exchange information and ideas, and work together to solve problems.  





To Join the Maryland SDS Advocacy Network please register here or  contact the site administrator at  info@marylandsds.org.